Legacy Memoirs

Writing life stories for terminally ill, aged and the grieving

An Act of Legacy Preservation...

You have story to tell and you don’t know how to tell it. Illness and end of life is challenging you to get your story down on paper. Your loved one lived a life you want to remember and you don’t know how to write it. Allow Beyond Morning to document and write your story for you.

 Working in person, over the phone or through digital media, our memoir services include a simple and clear contract, a dedication to storytelling and a writer who knows how to memorialize a life through words.

What is a Legacy Memoir?

Hi Friends,

Beyond Morning was built upon the premise that no one should die alone and no one’s story should go untold. Out of that core belief came our flagship service, the Legacy Memoir.

When you purchase a Legacy Memoir, you are hiring me to memorialize and write your life’s story. As a professional writer and a trained end of life doula,  I am uniquely qualified to write your story and companion individuals at end of life. While Legacy Memoirs are specifically targeted toward people who are terminally ill, elderly or at end of life, it is also for anyone who wants to make sure that their life’s story will be shared and documented after they are no longer here.

Like I said, this service is for any and everyone. At the same time, we know that death and end of life brings with it a finality. Memories slowly fade and lessons learned slowly find themselves forgotten.

This is why the Legacy Memoir is so important. Perhaps you are terminally ill or love someone who is. Perhaps your parents are getting older and you are realizing that one day, they will not be here. It is crucial that you invest in a legacy memoir today, ensuring that when the body is no longer alive, the story will go on.

This service is intentionally made accessible to any and everyone so please, do not let finances stop you from having your story written. Check out the rest of the website for all of the particulars, as well as how to connect and start the writing process today.

Bodies die. Stories and connection and love does not have to.

Grace and Peace.

Each Legacy Memoir will be delivered with custom interior formatting, cover design, ISBN registration and publishing through Amazon/KDP. You also receive 5 printed versions of your book with the ability to purchase/print more.

How to Get Started

The first step in getting started is to schedule a connection call. We want to get to know you and to share a little more about who we are and the Legacy Memoir process.