Book Cover for A Stone of Help by Garrett Drew Ellis

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Grief isn’t curable. There are no stages to complete. It can’t be fixed and it won’t just “go away”.

But with intentionality, it can be managed.

How? Through practices in memory and remembrance.

In A Stone of Help: The Practice of Remembrance for the Management of Grief, Author and End of Life Doula Garrett Drew Ellis introduces a deeply personal concept that can help readers manage and cope with grief and loss. Intentionally dwelling on the memories and collective histories that a person has of those they are grieving can have a profound effect on one’s ability to cope with loss. Through personal stories, writing prompts, essays and exercises that offer both a spiritual and a universal outlook to all people, this book encourages grieving people to dive deeply into cherished memories. With compassion and deep transparency, Garrett presents a  work that hopes to assist grieving hearts dwell in memory, living and thriving in their loss, and not just surviving it.