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Grief and Depression are heavy weights to carry, both existing as conditions common to every human experience. Like many other things, they can either be managed in healthy ways or can serve to overwhelm an individual. In Write Until You Feel Better: Journal Prompts for Writing through Grief and Depression, Garrett Drew Ellis offers readers the practice of therapeutic writing as a way of coping with loss and depressive feelings. Through the use of thought provoking quotes and prompts, as well as essays sharing his personal experiences, Garrett offers the reader a practical tool they can use to help manage and possibly ascend, their emotional state.

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This book is like a workbook with the author sharing personal insights into grief and depression with prompts for the reader to then begin writing through personal grief. The prompts are simple words or phrases to send you on a path toward healing. I purchased this and am intrigued by the prompts. I purchased the book to be a springboard for discussion with someone I know going through depression, but am finding much to meditate on myself. Hope many find healing by following Garrett's prescription to write.