A Grief, Legacy and Memoir Writing Weekend

June 7th-9th, 2024

Words have the power to support, heal, strengthen and hold us in our grief. Through written expression, we are also able to share, document and describe the content and story of our lives. Our words are also a tool we can use to not only leave an impression on those coming after us when we die, but to celebrate the impressions others leave on us as well.

These three aspects of therapeutic writing (Grief, Memoir and Legacy) are what we will explore during Last Words: A Grief, Memoir and Legacy Writing Weekend. End of Life Doula, Author and Legacy Writer Garrett Drew Ellis leads participants through exploring what it means for individuals to write in support their grief, through the development of a full book outline for participants to use in writing a memoir and through sessions that will explore what it means to leave a legacy and how to celebrate that before and after death. Sponsored by Beyond Morning LLC and The Center for Conscious Living and Dying.

The 4 intentions of Last Words, and the vehicles through which we will hold space for each other, are these:

  1. To explore, engage and write about our grief, influenced by Garrett’s book Write Until You Feel Better: Journal Prompts for Writing through Grief and Depression.
  2. To explore what it means to engage memory, and to use the art of remembrance for managing grief and exploring stories to write about, using Garrett’s book A Stone of Help: The Practice of Remembrance for the Management of Grief.
  3. To look at what it means to build and leave a legacy, and how to do legacy work for both yourself or for others.
  4. Most importantly, to hold space for the collective stories of grief, resilience, shadow and life celebration for ever participant in the weekend. 


In partnership with CCLD, this weekend is for all: for every grieving individual, for the aspiring writer, for the end of life doula who works on behalf of others and for anyone who has lost, is losing or anticipates losing a life they want to write about.

Accessibility is important to Garrett and Beyond Morning. If financial limitations are an obstacle to attendance, payment plans and partial scholarships are available. Please email Garrett directly at garrett@beyondmorning.org if you are in need of this assistance.

All are welcome.

We honor the diversity of our racial, cultural, and lived experiences and
the ways that our intersectional identities inform our perspectives.


You can register below at either the member or open (non-member) pricing. Member pricing is in support of the Center for Conscious Living and Dying and The Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath and Death. After registering, you will receive a follow up email with additional information.