The 30 Year Old Letter: Grief in Plastic Wrap

Carrying his grief, a 7 year old boy who lost his mother wrote her a letter and put it on her grave. After some time, he later retrieved it and kept it in a box for over 30 years.

In this first episode of the Loss Library podcast, host Garrett Drew Ellis opens the letter he wrote to his mother so long ago. This episode is the first of many stories of loss and resiliency in the face of bereavement. Listen as Garrett shares his story and talks about the need for coping mechanisms as a person grieves, as well as advocates for spaces like the Loss Library to exist, so that all people can mourn, grow and both find and offer, encouragement.

The Loss Library, a grief support podcast dedicated to accompanying you on your journey through grief, loss and end of life, is a human library of grief experience. Hosted by Garrett Drew Ellis, ( an End of Life Doula, Writer and Owner of Beyond Morning LLC) The Loss Library is an attempt to curate a collection of stories and interviews that will help all individuals answer important questions centered around how to live and thrive in grief.

Feel free to subscribe to the podcast here. If you are interested in connecting with Garrett and Beyond Morning, you can do so here.


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