Writing a Eulogy: Heart Centered Work

Writing a eulogy can be one of the hardest, yet most fulfilling, pieces of writing that someone could ever create. During times of grieving and loss, honoring a life through words, story and heart can be difficult. Here are some tips we got to share on the INELDA website ( The International End of Life Doula Association) on how to write a eulogy. I hope that it serves you well. Click on the photo below.


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An Intentional Conversation: Black History Month

“What I do think is important is to encourage individuals—both Black, white, and everyone in between—to utilize BIPOC businesses because doing so empowers us all, strengthens our ENTIRE economy, and recognizes the inherent worth and valuable contributions of all people.”

Garrett Drew Ellis

A Seat at the Table: Loss & the Holidays

The holiday season is a time when grief can be more difficult to navigate—particularly grief surrounding a recent loss, but also for losses that may have occurred in the last few years. No matter where the bereaved find themselves around the world, and no matter what holidays they observe, celebrations of light and family can make grief harder to bear.